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Music Technology
Student Showcase

Music Technology
Student Showcase

School of Music faculty and students engage in a wide variety of research and creative work. They compose and perform music professionally, both around Atlanta and around the world. They study what steps we can take to create a future for music that is more inclusive and equitable. And they discover new ways to combine music and technology as they invent new algorithms, design new experiments, and develop new tools that transform how we create and understand music.

Research Projects

Our music technology students work closely with faculty and with each other to conduct a broad range of research projects. Learn more about recent work by our students.

Images of Hathaani, a violin playing robot


Raghavasimhan Sankaranarayanan

Robot that plays the santoor

Santoor Bot

Mohammad Jafari

Visualization of affect and difficulty in scores

Visual Exploration Tool for Sheet Music

Laney Light

Header image of Alternative Measures website

Alternative Measures

Beach Clark

Rendering and prototype of automated acoustic panels

Controlled Absorption Acoustic Panels

Gus Campbell, Jordan Chatfield, Connor Dowd

Visualization of connection between Max/MSP code and Unity rendering

3D Graphic Score Space

Lauren McCall

Aleatora code snippets, composing with streams


Ian Clester

Visualization of connection between music and memory recall

Using Music to Modulate Emotional Memory

Sophia Mehdizadeh

Three people playing Shape Song across a network

Shape Song

Daniel Ethridge

Visualization of instrument parts being separated

Latent Space Regularization for Source Separation

Yun-Ning (Amy) Hung

Our Research

Our research focuses on creating innovative musical technologies that transform the ways in which we create, experience, and learn music.

Robotic musicians perform with humans.

Robotic Musicianship

Facilitating meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines.
Colleagues converse at a dry erase board.

Music Informatics

Designing the next generation of intelligent music software.
Two people conversing at a computer.

Computational Music for All

Seeking to engage a broad and diverse public in creative and collaborative music-making.
An image of a musical score and graph to illustrate computational and cognitive musicology.

Computational and Cognitive Musicology

Using scientific methodology to answer questions about how people respond to musical structure and organization.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

As music technologists, we are constantly inspired. Students in the Georgia Tech School of Music programs share a profound love of music and a problem-solving mindset. Our classes help them find the intersections of melody and hardware. Want to learn more? Get the inside scoop on our Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, the inventors we feature every year, and our music technology research and degree programs.


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