Two students testing a project while professor Grace Leslie looks on.

Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Our students cultivate their musicianship while learning engineering, computing, psychology, and design skills. This helps them envision new ways of creating, performing, and analyzing music. Undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. music technology students work directly with our professors to develop new technologies that redefine how we create, consume, and define music.

Younger student engaging with a VR headset during the pre-college program.

Pre-College Summer Studio

Are you a high school student looking for a way to spend the summer sharpening your skills in recording, mixing, and a variety of other music technology topics? Our Pre-College Summer Program is designed for you. Spend two weeks learning more about how music and technology come together to make the music you're listening to both today and tomorrow.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

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As music technologists, we are constantly inspired. Students in the Georgia Tech School of Music programs share a profound love of music and a problem-solving mindset. Our classes help them find the intersections of melody and hardware. Want to learn more? Get the inside scoop on our Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, the inventors we feature every year, and our music technology research and degree programs.

Undergraduate Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology degree allows for specialized concentrations in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering. The School of Music facilitates the music technology studies thread of the Computational Media computer science degree. Our music technology students have the option of a dual BS/MS degree program. All Georgia Tech undergraduates can pursue a music or music technology minor.

Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

The School of Music's flagship undergraduate program

Bachelor of Science in Computational Media

Music technology thread of a computing degree

Music Minor

15 credit hours customized to the specific areas of interest

Humanities Credits

Earn humanities credits by participating in our ensembles

Graduate Opportunities

Our graduate students learn the advanced technology that creates and delivers new music while researching in one of the Center for Music Technology labs.

These topics include robotics, informatics, biomedical applications, signal processing, machine learning, and cognition. Because Georgia Tech is one of the foremost technological research institutions, we are able to offer our students the opportunity to take courses and collaborate on research projects in a variety of science and engineering disciplines.

Ph.D. candidate Mike Winters conducts research with another student.

Ph.D. Program

Our Ph.D. students research and collaborate with faculty on topics such as interactive music, robotic musicianship, music information retrieval, mobile music, network music, and music education. They are taught to become thought leaders in their chosen field, and influence education and the industry.

Academic Support

Headshot of Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Director of Undergraduate Programs

Headshot of Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson

Academic Advisor

Headshot of Alex Lerch

Alexander Lerch

Director of Graduate Programs

Students working together with a Moog kit.

Assistantships, Fellowships, & Scholarships

School of Music & External Aid

The School of Music awards a small number of scholarships and fellowships each year to Bachelor of Science in Music Technology (BSMT) and Master of Science in Music Technology (MSMT) students to reduce the cost of attendance. Learn more about these opportunities.


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