Composing Innovation

The School of Music incorporates Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology research into all our degree programs. Every student majoring in music technology is also a researcher, collaborating with our faculty on groundbreaking topics in one of four labs:

The Georgia Tech Brain Music Lab is a community gathered around a unique facility combining EEG (brain wave data) and other physiological measurement techniques with new music technologies. Our mission is to engage in research and creative space that brings health and well-being to others.

Enables mass-audience participation in live concert performances through real-time music notation systems, connecting the audience to the performer. This research also develops transformative technologies for music education for STEAM (STEM + Arts) classrooms and studies the impact of music, technology, and creativity on the ways people learn.

Teaches computers to listen to and understand music, incorporating a variety of topics from the fields of audio content analysis and music processing. It includes such tasks as transcribing musical scores, identifying instruments, or automatically assessing music performances.
Researches methods of creating meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines, through novel experiences and outcomes. This work combines the emotion and expression of human musicians with the power processing and note accuracy of robotics.

For more information, or to check out the latest projects the Center for Music Technology is developing, visit their site here.