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Two students using EarSketch educational software

EarSketch Reaches Milestone One Million Users

Georgia Institute of Technology’s innovative educational platform EarSketch reached a milestone this month—one million users.

The music/coding platform was created at Georgia Tech by School of Music Chair Jason Freeman and Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Professor Brian Magerko and is designed to teach students to code in Python or JavaScript through music and creative discovery.

Sheet music wrapped to form a heart. Credit: Dragan Todorovic Getty Images

Music Heals the Heart

Music and the heart are intertwined. Musical works are influenced by arrhythmias, music listening induces physiological changes, performing music effects heartbeat pattern, and hearing heartbeats elicits empathy. Dr. Grace Leslie, director of the Brain Music Lab, co-authored an article published in Scientific American detailing the connection between music and an individual's cognitive and cardiac states.

A group of vector musicians playing their instruments on a yellow background.

School of Music Fall 2021 Concerts

Each semester, the Georgia Tech School of Music ensembles deliver a stunningly diverse selection of performances to the campus and Atlanta communities. Our ensemble directors and performing students bring a variety of sounds, skill sets, and styles to create music in both traditional and newly technological ways.

Listening to Heartbeats ‘Boosts’ Empathy

Listening to Heartbeats ‘Boosts’ Empathy

Lead investigator and recent Georgia Tech Ph.D. graduate, Mike Winters conducted the research in the newly formed Brain Music Lab, led by Grace Leslie in the Georgia Tech School of Music. The study applied knowledge of the well-known emotional effects of musical tempo with applied knowledge in sonification and experimental design that Winters had picked up working with Bruce Walker in the Sonification Lab.

Jason and the team at Georgia Tech doing gesture recognition and training.

Leading the Change

Since 2013, Jason has been working with Gil Weinberg, a renowned roboticist and founding director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, to develop the world’s most advanced robotic drumming arm. Their latest design uses Google’s open source machine learning platform, TensorFlow.

Illustration of silhouettes playing musical instruments.

Georgia Tech Arts Skyline Series

Come to campus and experience our student music ensembles live for the first time in more than a year! Starting Monday, April 5, 2021, we'll be part of the Skyline Series, Georgia Tech's live, outdoor celebration of music, dance, and conversation. The series features live music, contemporary dance and more from a mix of Georgia Tech groups, Atlanta arts companies, and internationally recognized artists.

A photo of the Segulharpa, first place winner in the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

Listen to Five of the World’s Newest, Wildest Instruments

The New York Times highlights five of the 2021 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition finalists in an article that focuses on invention and musical motivation. Get music critic Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim's take on our competitors' inventions.

A picture featuring headshots of Grace Leslie, Roger Linn, Raghav Sankaranarayanan, and Peter Kirn.

The Path Forward: Creativity in New Instruments

As the 2021 Competition enters its next phase, we’re bringing together a panel of experts to share their work in musical instrument and interface design and to consider big questions in the field.

Grace Leslie (professor in the Georgia Tech School of Music and director of the Brain Music lab) will moderate the conversation between Peter Kirn (founder and editor of CDM, a 2021 Guthman Competition partner), Roger Linn (musical instrument designer and 2019 Guthman Competition judge, and Raghav Sankaranarayanan (Georgia Tech music technology PhD candidate). 

Join us on November 17th at 1pm EST for the panel. It's not a discussion to be missed!

A researcher and a student look at a laptop while working.

LatinX Computer Science Students Focus of New Research

Georgia Tech and the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras recently received a $2.9 million grant to design informal learning computer science curriculum and broaden access to STEM education for LatinX students.


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