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3D Graphic Score Space

3D Graphic Score Space

The 3D graphic score space is a virtual reality space for creating musical scores utilizing graphic notation. The motivation behind creating this project includes that this would be an opportunity to explore VR for artistic purposes. This project also was an opportunity to further examine the use of non-linearity in music through 3D scores. This project and user study included two main aspects: the creation of graphic scores and the performance of these graphic scores. The questions guiding the user study included what creative practices and techniques come about while designing a 3D graphic score with a screen-based VR system, and what performance practices emerge when performing from different vantage points while viewing a screen-based VR graphic score?

Analysis of artifacts (graphic scores and audio performance recordings) provided further insight into creators' and performers' creative techniques and performance practices. Several common themes came about from the user study, including using the concepts space and structure for both the graphic score creators and performers. Graphic score creators gravitated towards creating with more accessible tools in the VR space, and performers tended to select graphic scores that provided, as quoted, "a balance between specificity and openness." The use of these concepts, particular tools, and scores, all connected to the participants' creative techniques and performance practices during the study. Further development of this system will expand on the expressive and accessible mappings related to these concepts.

Lauren McCall


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