Jeff Albert plays trombone.

Welcome to the School of Music at Georgia Tech!

Welcome to the School of Music at Georgia Tech!

Through interdisciplinary degree programs, outstanding performance ensembles, and innovative research endeavors, the Georgia Tech School of Music cultivates a rich legacy of musical traditions and develops cutting-edge technologies to help define music's future.

Musicians have always embraced and developed new technologies even as they celebrate and build upon past traditions. We perform and analyze music that is hundreds of years old even as we search for the next top hit. We become virtuosi on instruments like the violin, tabla, and pipa even as we create new digital musical instruments and software. We share music with each other in live concert performances even as we use AI-powered software on our phones to help us discover our next favorite song.

Honoring Tradition While Designing The Future

A music technology degree from Georgia Tech helps you develop both technical and creative skills. Our students pursue a rigorous interdisciplinary course of study that cultivates expertise in music theory, ensemble performance, composition, and production, as well as in engineering, computer science, psychology, and design.

Through project studio courses, our students bring these skills together, working in teams to conceive and create the next musical experiments, algorithms, software, and hardware that will disrupt the music industry. Our alumni have secured coveted jobs as software engineers, hardware engineers, and researchers at companies like Apple, Dolby, Bose, Ableton, Moog, and Spotify.

Our degree programs welcome students with a variety of musical and technical backgrounds: whether you are a concert pianist, a sitar player, a heavy metal guitarist, a composer, or a laptop musician, and whether you are a computer scientist, an engineer, a psychologist, or a designer, you can thrive in our degree programs.

Our Musical Ensembles Represent All of Georgia Tech

The School of Music's flourishing performance ensembles cultivate the incredible musicianship of all Georgia Tech students. More than 1,000 students each year from every college and major on campus play in our ensembles, which include marching band, choirs, orchestras, symphonic and concert bands, jazz bands, rock bands, percussion ensembles, and a laptop orchestra.

Our website has more details about each ensemble and its audition procedures. These ensembles present over 25 public performances per year — many of which are free and on campus — that celebrate our student musicians and feature an impressive roster of guest artists.

Inclusive and Innovative Faculty

Georgia Tech's music faculty are renowned for research that pushes the boundaries of how we create, perform, understand, and learn about music, and they are passionate about collaborating closely with our students in these endeavors. Our Center for Music Technology is internationally recognized for its work in areas such as robotic musicianship, music informatics, and brain-computer interfaces. Its projects, which attract support from the National Science Foundation and from companies like Google and Gracenote, lead to high-profile academic publications and public performances.

The School's faculty are also engaged in research on gender bias in classical music, on new methods to attract young audiences to the concert hall, and on inclusive curricula that combine music and STEM. Our Women in Music Tech initiative is working both at Georgia Tech and nationally to address the gender gap at all levels of music technology education and practice.

Be a Part of Music at Georgia Tech

The School of Music welcomes you to join our vibrant community – whether you are a student, parent, alum, or supporter; whether you are pursuing a music technology degree, performing with an ensemble, learning about the history of music, or attending a concert; whether you play classical music, jazz, rock, Hindustani music, EDM, or a genre yet to be invented; and whatever your prior experience or current interests might be. We want you to join us, to make new music with us, to create new things with us, and to help shape the future of the School.


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