The skywalker hand, a prosthetic hand designed to help amputees play music, plays the piano.

We Design the Future of Music

We Design the Future of Music

We’re a different kind of music school. We teach our students to master today’s latest music technologies, and give them the tools to design the future of how we create and experience music.

Laura Ballestrino posing.

Fall 2022 Concerts

Each semester, the Georgia Tech School of Music ensembles deliver a diverse selection of performances to the campus and Atlanta communities. Join us!

Pianist and composer Laura Ballestrino will be an artist in residence with the School of Music from September 14 – 28. Her visit includes a performance with the GT Symphony Orchestra on September 22nd where she will perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 and present the world premiere of her orchestral suite composed based on video game scores she has written.

Our concerts are also live-streamed on the School of Music YouTube channel.

Music at Tech

A female student plays the keyboard while a male student watches to record her in a studio.

Undergraduate Programs

Learn more about our Undergraduate program, and the minors we offer.
Music robot Shimon plays the marimba

Graduate Programs

Read about our Master of Science and Ph. D degrees in Music Technology.
The Rock & Pop Ensemble rehearsing.


Learn more about the numerous ensemble classes offered by the School of Music.
Ph.D. candidate Mike Winters playing a Theramin while wearing a brain scan cap.


Look into the various research labs at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology.
Dániel Váczi shows the Glissotar to School of Music students

Students Touch the Future of Music at Guthman Competition

For Georgia Tech's music technology majors, the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition represents the pinnacle event of their creative study and research. Students help produce the concert, exhibit their work, and learn from the judges and competitors. They even get to play the instruments!

Assistant Professor Brittney Boykin at the Kennedy Center

Brittney Boykin is one of the composers for The Cartography Project, a Kennedy Center-commissioned project that maps Black dignity across the country. Her work was premiered at the Kennedy Center on March 7, 2022.


A Robot & Human Experience Through Sound

FOREST is the performative outcome of an NSF funded project aimed at enhancing trust between humans and robots through sound and gesture.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that embedding emotion-driven sounds and gestures in robotic arms help establish trust and likability between humans and their AI counterparts.

Raiders football player, Darren Waller, singing and making music.

Darren Waller Inspired by Music to Manifest His New Life

Music has always been a big part of Darren Waller’s life. During his time as a Georgia Tech football player and student, Waller learned more about his rich family past in jazz through Assistant Professor Chip Crotts' course.

Waller is the great-grandson of Thomas “Fats” Waller, a charismatic pianist, prolific composer, and the first Black man to write the score for a Broadway musical. Music runs through his veins, and even now as an NFL player with the Raiders, music continues to be positive and creative outlet for him.

Our Recent Work

Our faculty publish their research and academic advancement to several professional journals, as well as to SmarTech, the Georgia Tech library’s repository for Institute intellectual property. Use the links below to experience some of our most recent work!

Winters, Mike; Walker, Bruce; Leslie, Grace

"Can You Hear My Heartbeat?: Hearing an Expressive Biosignal Elicits Empathy"

Freeman, Jason, et al.

"EarSketch: Engaging Broad Populations in Computing Through Music."

Pati, Ashis and Lerch, Alexander

"Attribute-based Regularization of VAE Latent Spaces"

Ting, Chaowen

"When Repertoire is Curriculum: What We Do Not Teach in Collegiate Orchestras"
Jason and the team at Georgia Tech doing gesture recognition and training.

Leading the Change

Jason Barnes and others are leading the way to a more accessible world

Since 2013, Jason has been working with Gil Weinberg, a renowned roboticist and founding director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, to develop the world’s most advanced robotic drumming arm. Their latest design uses Google’s open source machine learning platform, TensorFlow.

Snehesh Nag, a graduate student, playing a sitar.

Atlanta: A City of Music, Culture, and Opportunity

Atlanta is one of the country's major cultural capitals, home to Grammy-winning artists in styles ranging from classical to hip hop. 

Georgia Tech is at the center of it all: Our students are part of the city's music and technology scene, and Atlanta's musical leaders recognize the value our students bring to their industries.


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