The skywalker hand, a prosthetic hand designed to help amputees play music, plays the piano.

We Design the Future of Music

We Design the Future of Music

We’re a different kind of music school. We teach our students to master today’s latest music technologies, and give them the tools to design the future of how we create and experience music.

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

– Free Admission –

Saturday, March 7, 2020
7:00 p.m.
Ferst Center for the Arts

A group of 3 musicians preparing to play an automated orchestra.

The Finalists for the 2020 Guthman Instrument Competition

The finalists for the Guthman Competition come from all around the world, and are as varied as the instruments themselves. Some are companies looking to showcase their hot new product that will soon take the music world by storm; others are inventors who created their one of a kind prototype in their garage, and seek to prove that they've made an exciting new discovery that will make us all re-think how music is made.

Regardless of origin, each finalist has a compelling story to tell, and an astounding new way to make music.

An interested crowd views the various displays and projects at a music technology fair.

The Music, Art, and Technology Fair

On March 7th, Georgia Tech and Cycling '74 are collaborating to bring a unique event to campus.

The art, music, and technology fair is a unique opportunity to experience groundbreaking art and technology projects in a hands-on, interactive, science fair format. Meet practitioners from Atlanta, Georgia Tech, and around the world. See their projects close up, and talk to them about their work.

See the Marching Band like never before!

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band just got a brand new website. Learn about our diverse marching band, its 111-year history, and the people who come together to keep music, spirit, and tradition alive at Georgia Tech.

Our Recent Work

Our faculty publish their research and academic advancement to several professional journals, as well as to SmarTech, the Georgia Tech library’s repository for Institute intellectual property. Use the links below to experience some of our most recent work!

Wu, Chih-We

"A Review of Automatic Drum Transcription."

Gururani, Siddharth and Lerch, Alexander

“Instrument Activity Detection in Polyphonic Music Using Deep Neural Networks”

Savery, Richard and Weinberg, Gil

“Shimon the Robot Film Composer and DeepScore”
The GT Chamber Orchestra performing at the Ferst Center.

The Spring 2020 Concert Season

The complete list of concerts for the 2019 Concert Season.

Interested in attending a concert and enjoying the music played by our many talented ensembles? Plan a night out with us providing the music!


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