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Georgia Tech Marching Band debuts new uniforms

The Marching Band debuted new uniforms for the Fall 2019 Season.

On Thursday, Aug. 29, the Georgia Tech Marching Band took the field at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium in new uniforms for the first time in nearly a decade.

The decision to change the uniforms was spurred by Tech’s new partnership with adidas that began in 2018. Though the uniforms are not manufactured by adidas, they take design cues from updates to the new looks being worn across Georgia Tech Athletics.

Our Recent Work

Our faculty publish their research and academic advancement to several professional journals, as well as to SmarTech, the Georgia Tech library’s repository for Institute intellectual property. Use the links below to experience some of our most recent work!

Wu, Chih-We

"A Review of Automatic Drum Transcription."

Gururani, Siddharth and Lerch, Alexander

“Instrument Activity Detection in Polyphonic Music Using Deep Neural Networks”

Savery, Richard and Weinberg, Gil

“Shimon the Robot Film Composer and DeepScore”

The Fall 2019 Concert Season

The complete list of concerts for the 2019 Concert Season.

Interested in attending a concert and enjoying the music played by our many talented ensembles? Plan a night out with us providing the music!


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