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From our famous ensembles to groundbreaking research, we're not your conventional music school. Learn more about music at Georgia Tech.


We offer students a chance to make and study music, no matter where they are in their academic careers.

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Brass, woodwinds, strings, timpani, robots -- our ensembles are looking for the performer in you! If you're a Georgia Tech student, come on by.


Our music technology research is constantly pushing new boundaries, from robotics to interactive platforms.


Meet the pioneers of the latest and greatest in musical education -- our faculty and staff dedicated to making music at Tech!


  • Super Sonic Coding: Dekalb county students learn how to program with a beat

    The Dekalb county school district has partnered with Earsketch, a program developed at Georgia Tech that is designed to combine programming and music. The school district has embraced the program, using it in all of their computer science programs and are even hosting a district competition for students to show off their compositions.

  • The Force is Strong: Amputee Controls Individual Prosthetic Fingers

    Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand is a step closer to reality for amputees in this galaxy. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created an ultrasonic sensor that allows amputees to control each of their prosthetic fingers individually. It provides fine motor hand gestures that aren’t possible with current commercially available devices.

  • Creating the Next Code Composers

    Teaching computer science to high school students requires creativity. A musical app called EarSketch proves to be the ideal learning instrument.

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