The skywalker hand, a prosthetic hand designed to help amputees play music, plays the piano.

We Design the Future of Music

We Design the Future of Music

Through interdisciplinary degree programs, outstanding performance ensembles, and innovative research endeavors, the Georgia Tech School of Music cultivates a rich legacy of musical traditions and develops cutting-edge technologies to help define the future of music.

Music at Tech

A female student plays the keyboard while a male student watches to record her in a studio.

Undergraduate Programs

Learn about our Bachelor of Science degree in Music Technology.
Music robot Shimon plays the marimba

Graduate Programs

Learn about our Master of Science and Ph. D degrees in Music Technology.
The Rock & Pop Ensemble rehearsing.


Learn about the ensemble classes offered by the School of Music.
Ph.D. candidate Mike Winters playing a Theramin while wearing a brain scan cap.


Learn about the research labs at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology.
GT Symphony Orchestra performs on the Ferst Stage

Spring 2023 Concerts

Each semester, the Georgia Tech School of Music ensembles deliver a diverse selection of performances to the campus and Atlanta communities. Our award-winning ensemble directors incorporate modern takes with traditional performance. Their approach shows off the best of Georgia Tech's musical talent. From Rock and Pop Bands to Symphony Orchestra to Jazz Ensemble, there is something for everyone!

Our concerts are also live-streamed and archived on the School of Music YouTube channel.

Five headshots of the artists in residence

LMC and School of Music Host Musical Residencies

Six metro Atlanta musicians and performers will be working out of the Technology Square Research Building through April as part of a new STEAM musical residency program jointly hosted by the School of Literature, Media, and Communication and the School of Music. The artists will each have two-week residencies culminating in a free workshop and performance open to the Georgia Tech community and the public. 

Dániel Váczi shows the Glissotar to School of Music students

Students Touch the Future of Music at Guthman Competition

For Georgia Tech's music technology majors, the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition represents the pinnacle event of their creative study and research. Students help produce the concert, exhibit their work, and learn from the judges and competitors. They even get to play the instruments!

Our Recent Work

Our faculty publish their research and academic advancement to several professional journals, as well as to SmarTech, the Georgia Tech library’s repository for Institute intellectual property. Use the links below to experience some of our most recent work!

Savery, R., Weinberg, G

"Machine Learning Driven Musical Improvisation for Mechanomorphic Human-Robot Interaction"

Smith, J. and Freeman, J

“Effects of Deep Neural Networks on the Perceived Creative Autonomy of a Generative Musical System”

Seshadri, Pavan; Lerch, Alexander

"Improving Music Performance Assessment with Contrastive Learning"

Light, L., & Arthur, C.

"Voice leading in Palestrina’s Masses: A comparison of interval-succession definitions"


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