Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Opportunities

We offer undergraduate students a different approach to musical education: While most universities require students major in music in order to perform in ensembles, our schedule of classes are tailor-made for post-core classes scheduling. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, but you can be a part of our program regardless of your major.

A Certificate of Fine Arts lets you build an appreciation for the arts while performing music. Our music minor lets you pursue a customized music curriculum. By the way, playing in one of our ensembles is an excellent way to earn your humanities credits! There’s no reason to hide your musical talents!

Our programs

Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

We teach our students to master existing technology and give them the tools to create the ideas we'll be listening to tomorrow.

Certificate in Fine Arts

Supplement your degree with this certificate if you’re interested in joining one of our musical ensembles.

Music Minor

Add a little music to your education, no matter what your major is! A music minor with us lets you choose three different specializations.