Nat Condit-Schultz at a control console in one of the School's studios.

Nat Condit-Schultz


Nat Condit-Schultz is a musician, composer, and scientist, specializing in the statistical modeling of musical structure. Nat completed his doctorate at Ohio State University, where he studied music psychology, computational musicology, and scientific methodology with David Huron. His doctoral thesis involved the creation, curation, and analysis of a corpus of popular rap transcriptions: the Musical Corpus of Flow ( later published in Empirical Musicology Review. Nat has presented at numerous national and international conferences, both in the humanities (Society of Music Theory) and the sciences (Society for Music Perception and Cognition, International Conference on Music Information Retrieval). From 2016-2018, Nat worked on McGill University's Single Interface for Musical Score Search and Analysis project, developing tools for the analysis of digital scores. Nat is currently a visiting assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he teaches classes in recording technology, rock/pop performance, and computational composition.