DL Warfield, Isaac Hayes III, Octavius Crouch, Liz Garner, Dallas Austin, and Kawan "KP" Prather

Industry Engagement with School Provides Mutual Benefits

Industry Engagement with School Provides Mutual Benefits

Wes McRae | October 4, 2023 - Atlanta, GA

Recently, students from the School of Music had multiple opportunities for direct interaction with experts from across the audio industry.

"Students benefit greatly from our industry engagement projects, learning how to bring their education and  research experience into real world scenarios," said Gil Weinberg, Director of the Center for Music Technology. "Often times, these experiences also translate into great job opportunities for our students after graduation."

The Music Industry Panel, moderated by Liz Garner, Publishing Acquisitions Specialist at Garner Group Music and Music Catalog Manger for Dallas Austin Music, covered a broad range of topics from music ownership to the future of the music business.

Panelists included Atlanta music industry leaders DL Warfield, owner of Goldfinger c.s. and former Creative Director at LaFace Records; Isaac Hayes III, songwriter, producer, and founder of the Fanbase app; Octavius Crouch, Senior Client Manager and A&R at Symphonic Distribution; Dallas Austin, Grammy Award Winner and 2019 Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee; and Kawan "KP" Prather, Head of Music at i am OTHER and owner of Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment.

Presenter standing at podium, with a projection screen to the right. Students in the foreground watch the presentation
Bryce Irvin presents his experience with developing machine learning algorithms at Bose 

The same day featured a tech talk with an Audio Machine Learning Engineer from Bose, Bryce Irvin (MSMT 2022), covering Hearing and Audio AI. Students had the chance to hear about Bose's development of algorithms allowing listeners to hear what they want, as opposed to traditional filtering techniques that apply to everything within a decibel or frequency range.

The following day, representatives from Dolby came for a career info session.

Crowd in foreground takes pictures and video of Gil Weinberg playing keyboard and Shimon playing marimba
Gil Weinberg performs with Shimon at Avant South, in a demonstration highlighting use of AI for creative pursuits.

But engagement with industry does not only benefit students at the School. Graduates, such as Irvin, and research continue to contribute to the advancement of the industry.

"The School of Music and Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology work closely with industry through student sponsorship, internship programs, technology licensing, joint events and other research collaborations," Weinberg said. "We also collaborate artistically with local companies such as Cox and Trillith by bringing our music technology performances to their campuses."

At the inaugural Avant South, Georgia Tech's showcase of technology, innovation, and creativity, Weinberg spoke on AI's Creative Canvas: Revolutionizing Arts and Culture and presented a robotic musicianship performance. 

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