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Music, the Georgia Tech Way

Love music? Want to be involved in great ensembles, interesting classes, ground-breaking research, and amazing creative projects?  Thinking about a career in music technology? Well, if music is an essential part of your life and you answered yes, you bet, or darn tootin’ to any or all of those questions, then you’ll want to join the thousands of Georgia Tech students who are already part of our dynamic and interdisciplinary musical family.

For starters, we have ensembles that play virtually every style of music under the sun. Students from all colleges and majors across campus – at both undergraduate and graduate levels – can be found in our choirs, bands, orchestras, jazz, contemporary, and rock groups. You should know that getting into some of the ensembles is incredibly competitive – there are some phenomenal musicians here performing at very high levels. You should also know that there are ensembles designed to have you making music regardless of your previous experience or background. Simply put, if you want to be involved in music at Georgia Tech, we’ve got a place for you. We offer a variety of ways for you to participate and should you wish to pursue music as a career – then continue on gentle reader – this is one of the most forward-thinking music schools anywhere in the world.

We design the experience of music

Ask yourself: if you could make a living combining your love of music with the scientific, engineering, and technical training you can get at Georgia Tech, would you do it? Well, that’s exactly what a degree in Music Technology will do for you. We offer Bachelors, Masters, and PhD level degrees in Music Technology that are as interdisciplinary as they are unique. If getting paid to do what you love is a crime, then we’re repeat offenders on a daily basis.

What is Music Technology? It’s all the audio involved in your computer or smart phone, everything that makes a recording studio work, and streaming radio from start to finish. It’s thousands of cool apps, sound synthesis, and an absolutely essential part of every movie, show, and video game. Like your future, Music Technology is limited only by your imagination, talent, and commitment. We’re talking robots that improvise and play their own music, composing and performing using next-generation Internet tools, designing and building new instruments, and developing prosthetic limbs that let you play in ways that would be impossible with just your two hands, to name just a few. Here at the School of Music, we’re not just using new music technologies – we’re inventing them.

People ask us, “Why the heck is the School of Music in the College of Design?” Here’s why: Music Technologists study music the same way that artists find new mediums to build sculptures, architects create buildings with new materials, or programmers study code to create new languages. When you reimagine how music is played from concept to completion, that’s design work. Our academic programs in Music Technology blend engineering and music with a scientific mindset to create well rounded graduates that can immediately design the landscape of the future of music, and how it is made.

So, what will you do when you graduate? Well, you won’t be swearing vows of poverty and stupidity to have a career in music. You certainly won’t be asking anyone how they like their latte made or if they want to supersize their fries. You’ll be a graduate of one of the most unique music technology programs anywhere on planet Earth and perfectly positioned to get a job or transition to graduate school. You’ll have a strong foundation and the skill sets to excel in a variety of fields integrating music and technology, including:

  • Music/sound hardware design and manufacturing
  • Music software and app development
  • Internet-related music and sound design and implementation
  • Commercial/personal/home entertainment technologies
  • The video game industry
  • Radio/television/film production
  • Multimedia products/performance

And that’s just to name a few.

While we don’t have Bachelor level graduates yet – the degree was just approved by the Board of Regents in January of 2016 – the program has been in the planning stages for over a decade. It is absolutely unique among undergraduate degrees in music technology. Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology (BSMT) will join those who have completed our Master of Science in Music Technology (MSMT) program working for companies like Ableton, Apple, Bose, Dolby Digital, Sony, Pandora, Moog, and Presonus. In other words, the knowledge, skills, and capabilities you’ll develop here will make you in demand from leaders in the music technology industry.


I invite you to come and visit us whether you’re a student, a parent, a supporter, or just interested in what we’re doing. This really is a fun place to live, learn, and work. I think you’ll like what you find and just so you know – I keep appropriately chilled chocolate in my office refrigerator. One can accomplish a great deal through the judicious application of sugar, preservatives, and caffeine.

Come join us – we’re just getting started!

Frank Clark
Professor and Chair of Music
School of Music