The Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra performing at the Ferst Center

Georgia Tech School of Music Presents:

Georgia Tech School of Music Presents:

Thursday, September 22, 2022
Ferst Center for the Arts

Chaowen Ting, Conductor

Matthew Wardell, Conductor

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With the support of the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC.


Laura Ballestrino (b. 2000)

Archaelund: The Orchestral Suite (2022)

        I. Archaelund

        II. The city of Port Galeb

        III. Harlain Plains

        IV. First blood

        V. Urendale

        VI. Finale

[world premiere]

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Laura Ballestrino, piano

Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58 (1805-06)

        I. Allegro non troppo

        II. Andante con moto

        III. Rondo (Vivace)

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) 

Symphony No. 1 in E minor, Op. 39 (1899)

        I. Andante, ma non troppo - Allegro energico

        II. Andante (ma non troppo lento)

        III. Scherzo: Allegro

        IV. Finale: Andante - Allegro molto - Andante assai - Allegro molto come prima - Andante (ma non troppo)

Headshot of Laura Ballestrino

Laura Ballestrino

Composer Bio

Laura Ballestrino (2000) is a pianist and composer from Madrid, Spain. Laura started playing piano at the age of 4 and now she is one of the great promises of classical music in Spain, awarded with many prizes at prestigious competitions such as the First Prize at Juventudes Musicales de España and the Spanish Music Prize at Concurso Internacional de Piano Compositores de España among others. She has performed at some of the most important concert halls around the country including Auditorio Nacional de Música and Teatro Monumental, but also abroad like Solitär concert hall at Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg.  

Beyond her career as a classical pianist, Laura works as the composer and producer of the Original Soundtrack of the upcoming videogame Archaelund. Besides, she composes and performs original jazz-fusion music for piano.  

At the age of 15, Laura made her debut as a soloist performing Piano Concerto nº 20 by W.A. Mozart. She graduated with the End-of-Degree Extraordinary Prize in Conservatorio Rodolfo Halffter under the tutelage of María García and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid with piano Prof. Elena Orobio. Since 2019, Laura studies with the pianist and pedagogue Leonel Morales and currently pursues her Master’s Degree with him thanks to the scholarship that Universidad Alfonso X has granted her.  

Laura often broadens her education receiving masterclasses from renowned pianists and also takes advanced courses in many areas such as interpretation, composition, improvisation and jazz, both nationally and abroad: Universität Mozarteum (Salzburg), Escuela de Música Creativa (Madrid), Berklee College of Music (Valencia), etc.  

Among her future projects are the national tour États d’âme and a concert as soloist with the Orquesta Radio Televisión Española for the spring of 2023. 

Program Notes - Archaelund Suite

Archaelund is an unexplored land of mystery, magic and adventure. In this six-movement suite we will listen to some of the themes from the Original Soundtrack of Archaelund, an upcoming role-playing videogame developed by an independent studio. This orchestral arrangement has been composed to be world-premiered by the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra. 

Ensemble Members

Violin I

Dalton Yu, Concertmaster

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 4th year

Jennifer Deng, Assistant Concertmaster

Computer Science, 3rd year

Felix Pei

Electrical Engineering, 4th year

Nathan Lin

Computer Science, 1st year

Banglue Wei

Aerospace Engineering, 2nd year

Julia Fleischman

Environmental Engineering, 1st year

Kevin Li

Electrical Engineering, 4th year

Daeyong Kwon

Computer Science, 1st year

Joshua Sampson

Computer Science, 1st year

Nikhil Damani

Computer Engineering, 4th year

Raymond Jia

Computer Engineering, 1st year masters

An Vu

Computer Science, 1st year

Adrian Cheung

Computer Science, 1st year

Archishma Goli

Computer Science, 1st year

Violin II

Eric Shao, Principal

Aerospace Engineering, 3rd year

Jonathan Shi

Music Technology, 1st year

Madison Park

Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

Harold Graney Green

Computer Science, 3rd year

Jerry Xiong

Computer Science, 2nd year

Alexander Hom

Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

Arvind Ramaswami

Computer Science, 2nd year masters

Emily Primmer

Biology, 3rd year

Rachel Kim

Computer Science, 1st year

Alex Wang

Computer Science, 1st year

Ethan Li

Computer Science, 1st year

Sohum Gala

Computer Science, 4th year


Ivy Xue, Principal

Neuroscience, 3rd year

Emily Liu

Aerospace Engineering, 4th year

Ayush Narain

Computer Science, 1st year

Emma Axelson

Civil Engineering/Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies German, 5th year

Esha Sringeri

Neuroscience, 1st year

Michelle Wang

Computer Science, 3rd year

Nicholas Chang

Computer Science, 1st year


Peter Gardner, Principal

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 3rd year

Sebastian Brumm

Computer Science, 1st year masters

Sean Yoshihara

Computer Science, 1st year

Patrick Kim

Computer Science, 2nd year

Benjamin Borthwick

Computer Science, 2nd year

Sunhyuk Lee

Finance, 1st year PhD

Sergey Blinov

Physics/Math, 2nd year


Eric Shute, Principal

Mechanical Engineering, 4th year

Atharva Gujrathi

Aerospace Engineering, 1st year


Naveen Madhavan ^~

Biomedical Engineering, 2nd year

Vu Nguyen *

Computer Science, 1st year

Ama Maiki ^~

Environmental Engineering, 4th year


Oliver Long ^

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2nd year

Anthony Otlowski *~

Aerospace Engineering, 2nd year


Nathan Duggal ~

Nathan Duggal ~

Computer Science, 1st year

Kevin Li *^

Mechanical Engineering, 1st year


Lixin Zheng *~

Mathematics, 3rd year

Vishaal Kareti ^

Computer Science, 2nd year


Alex Bendeck ^

Computer Science, 2nd year PhD

Satoshi Matsumura 

Visiting scholar (PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Matthew Reingold *~

Materials Science and Engineering, 4th year

Cameron Bryant --


Camryn Aguilar *^

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 1st year

Matthew Liu ~

Civil Engineering, 4th year

Daniel Hudadoff 

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2nd year masters


Tony Qin ~

Mathematics, 1st year

Justin Zandstra *

Mathematics, 4th year

Eli Corley

Computer Engineering, 2nd year


Alexander Coles Industrial Engineering, 2nd year


Matthew Wardell


Dakota Basista

Aerospace Engineering, 1st year

Scott Douglas --


Julie Koenig  


Denotes principal player:  *Ballestrino, ^Beethoven, ~Sibelius 

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