Henrik von Coler

Assistant Professor

Henrik von Coler is a composer, performer and researcher with a background in engineering, electronic music and empirical research, who joined Georgia Tech in 2023. In his creative work, the design of technological systems is an integral part of the creative process. His research topics include spatial aspects of fixed media and live electronics, algorithms for sound synthesis, novel instruments, control devices and artistic practices for solo performers and ensembles. 
From 2015 to 2023, von Coler was the director of the TU Studio for Electronic Music at Technische Universität Berlin, where he founded the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC) for exploring the possibilities of live electronic ensembles on multichannel setups. He has performed and directed spatial music on immersive audio systems around the world and curated various concerts with international artists.

In his recent projects he aims at a profound integration of sound, space and Human-Computer Interaction to increase the expressive means of composers and performers.