Portfolio Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology

Students applying to the B.S. in Music Technology are required to submit both a portfolio and an essay.

  • First-Year applicants will be given a link to the Music Technology supplemental form on your Georgia Tech application status page after you submit your application. You will have until the document deadline for the round (Early Action or Regular Decision) for which you have applied to submit the supplemental form.
  • Transfer applicants will have the opportunity to complete the Music Technology supplemental form as part of your application and prior to submission.


Your essay should cover the following:

  • Please describe in detail your experience in music performance, composition, arranging, and/or theory. List primary instrument(s) or voice part and include any ensembles where you have had public performances.
  • Please describe in detail all of your direct experiences in music technology.


You are required to submit 2-4 samples of your work by providing a URL where they can be reviewed by program faculty. Please limit each audio or video sample to a maximum duration of 3 minutes. Examples can include, but are not limited to:

  • Solo performance on your acoustic instrument, electronic instrument or voice
  • Recordings, scores or electronic realizations of musical compositions or arrangements
  • Recordings you have produced or engineered
  • Software of hardware you have designed or implemented
  • Reports or results from scientific experiments, particularly if related to music

Please list the URL(s) here with appropriate password information, if necessary (Note: If you are using youtube, videos may be marked as “unlisted”, but please DO NOT list videos as “private”)

In no more than 250 words, describe each of the samples you have included. For samples realized with a group, please describe your specific role.

NOTE: The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology focuses on music and technical skills that prepare students to design and implement new software, hardware, algorithms, research projects, and other innovative ideas in the music industry. It is not a traditional program in music performance or music production.


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