Chris Moore sitting in the School of Music's MIDI studio.

Your Advisor

Your Advisor

Chris Moore is the academic advisor for the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology. He is also the Director of Athletic Bands, and teaches Recording and Mixing classes for the School of Music. His involvement in both academic programs and ensembles gives him unique voice on advising students on how to excel while pursuing music at Georgia Tech.

“I’m always happy to sit down and talk to a student,” he says, “and make sure that they learn everything that they need to know to be successful here.”


Chris helps students design a schedule that works for them, guiding them through the registration process and helping ensure that they stay on track.

  • He meets students during registration to recommend the ideal class schedule for each semester, paving a clear path to on-time graduation.
  • He helps troubleshoot general problems during the semester for students, such as proper access to classes or equipment, academic concerns, or general software needs.
  • He advises students according to their goals and helps make sure they choose a course load that makes sense for their chosen concentration or minor.
  • He guides students looking to switch majors or transfer from another university through the portfolio process.

Interdisciplinary Experience

Chris has working relationships with many of the different schools found on Georgia Tech’s campus. Through his experience teaching and serving in administration, he knows what it takes for a student to graduate and has a feel for what they need to be successful in and out of the classroom.

He communicates Institute deadline reminders or new opportunities for our students. He also directs students who need assistance at the Institute level.

Job Opportunities

Along with the rest of our faculty, Chris has enviable connections in the Music Technology industry in the Atlanta area and beyond. He uses these connections to help students find promising internships, and part-time or full-time positions for when they graduate. The School of Music has a strong track record of helping our graduates find industry jobs when they graduate, and Chris helps lead the charge in making that happen.


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