Undergraduate Minors


STEM-centered students often find amazing variety in music; no wonder there's a long and proud tradition of geeking out about music at Georgia Tech. Our School welcomes students from all majors on campus to pursue one of our minors -- due to overwhelming demand, we are currently limited to accepting five new minor students a year.

Our Minors

We offer a Minor in Music with General Emphasis and a Minor in Music Technology. The Minor in Music with General Emphasis blends music technology classes with experience playing in a musical ensemble, while the Minor in Music Technology focuses solely on classes in the music technology track.

If you choose the Minor in Music with General Emphasis, you must choose a concentration in either vocals or instrumental music. To better understand the difference between our two minors, refer to the table below.


                  Minor in Music with General Emphasis

                                    Music Technology Minor

Written application and formal audition required

Written application – No formal audition required

Fundamentals of Musicianship I and II (6 credit hours)

Fundamentals of Musicianship I and II (6 credit hours)

3-4 credit hours of Music Ensemble at the 3000/4000 level

9 credit hours of Music Technology (As approved by Music Minor Coordinator)

2-5 credit hours of Music Technology


1-5 hours Individual Private Lessons


Requirements for a School of Music Minor

Our requirements are simple:

  • You must be a full-time Georgia Tech student.
  • You should have completed at least one semester at Georgia Tech, or one transferred from another institution.
  • You should apply for the Music Minor Program with more than three semesters remaining in your major degree program, or before you graduate.

Scheduling and Curriculum Guidance


  1. Each minor is 15 credit hours.
  2. You must indicate which minor you are taking on your official transcript.
  3. All minors require the six credit hour "Fundamentals of Musicianship" sequence (MUSI 2010/2011). Absolutely no exemptions from these classes are allowed.
  4. No more than three hours of special topics can be counted toward a music minor.
  5. Ensemble courses that are used to satisfy the humanities credit cannot be counted toward the music minor

Applying for a Minor

Applications for all music minors are due on April 1st each calendar year.

We strongly recommend meeting with the Music Minor Coordinator, Benjamin Diden, before applying. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, he can be reached by phone at (404) 894-8951 or by email at benjamin.diden@music.gatech.edu. Application forms are linked at the bottom of this page, and hard copies can be found in Room 109 of the Couch building. All forms must be submitted by email as a PDF.

Your application must include:

  • A completed Music Minor Application form. The form requires a current resume of musical activities, awards, repertoire list, and previous instructors.
  • A current transcript.

To apply for the Minor in Music Technology, use this form.

To apply for the Minor in Music with General Emphasis, use this form.