An overhead and side look at Alber-K performing music with gestures.

Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Every semester, our students explore how their technical skill and artistic talent can create innovative methods of musical expression. Our ensembles demonstrate a high level of skill in musicianship, while our researchers discover and develop new ways to experience and create music.

Our students' learning environment shifted in the Spring Semester of 2020. Through distance learning and a creative approach, they found ways to make compelling music with remote projects that were completed from their homes.

Browse the projects below to learn more about what they created, and what Music Technology means at Georgia Tech.

A student playing a set of marimbas in front of a window.

Ensemble Projects

From traditional instruments to cutting edge technology, our students create projects to further explore their artistic expression through music.

A look at a console showing spectral analysis of music.

Research Projects

Every Music Technology student is also a researcher, using science and engineering to discover new ways to create and enjoy music.


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