Researchers Use Eclipse Data to Create Musical Composition

A team of researchers from Georgia Tech took the opportunity created from the total eclipse occurring on August 21st, 2017 to create a musical composition for the occaision. They have created two pieces - one for when the event was actually happening, with highs and lows to match the coming and going of the moon covering the sun, and another that will add additional data from the event to add to the existing piece of music.

The creation was inspired by AT&T asking Professor Bruce Walker if he would create an audio file to help the visually impaired to also experience the eclipse. Walker, who holds appointments in both the College of Computing and the College of Sciences, worked with two Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology students to make the composition happen: Avrosh Kumar, an alumni, and Takahiko Tsuchiya, a Ph.D student.

“There are so many things during an eclipse that you can attempt to translate through audio,” said Kumar, who recently received his master’s degree in music technology. “Our main motive was to use music and sound to demonstrate what’s going on in the sky. At the same time, we wanted to create a pleasing, dramatic composition. It was a fine line to walk in order to achieve both goals.”

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