Georgia Tech Music Technology student will be performing with self-made instrument at the Smithsonian Institution

Music Technology Master’s student Takumi Ogata will be performing at the first ACCelerate: ACC Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival, held in the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution from October 13th – 15th. Ogata is no stranger to performing: last year his team finished third in Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology’s Moog Hackathon with the Spinning Plates of Sound, and he finished second at the Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition with his self-made instrument, the Ribcage.

Ogata will be performing with the Ribcage. “It’ll be a performance pretty similar to what I did at the Guthman Competition – 30 minutes, with 25 minutes performing and 5 minutes talking,” Ogata says of his upcoming performance. The festival is a celebration of creative exploration and research happening at the nexus of science, engineering, arts and design (SEAD). It features performances, conversations, and 48 interactive installations from across the 15 ACC schools around seven thematic areas: Civic Engagement, Art and Technology, Sustainability and Environment, Biomimetics, Health and Body, and Making.

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  • Takumi Ogata performing with the Ribcage.

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