Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

Georgia’s “Day of Code” happens on December 7th this year, and Earsketch is playing a large role in it. The Technology Association of Georgia will be offering a series of coding activities to make computer science education readily available for any school in the state. In addition to Earsketch, they will be offering webinars from honorCode, Make Music Count, Accenture Professionals, and the Georgia Tech Constellations Center. The Day of Code is being held in recognition of the fact that next week is National Computer Science Education week.

“Earsketch is thrilled to be working with the Technology Association of Georgia to bring coding to schools across Georgia. We’re always looking for ways to further Computer Science in as many classrooms as possible, and happy to contribute to this occasion,” says Jason Freeman, Chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Music and co-founder of Earsketch. The program continues to grow – this week, the program reached a milestone of 300,000 individual users.

First developed in 2011, Earsketch's userbase has expanded to more than 11,000 students per month. Many of these students are in Advanced Placement Computer Science classes in metro Atlanta high schools, but EarSketch's userbase covers more than 300 schools in all 50 states, and more than 100 countries worldwide.

Jason Freeman teaching K-12 students how to use Earsketch.