Earsketch awarded two new Grants from the National Science Foundation

Georgia Tech faculty Jason Freeman (School of Music / Center for Music Technology) and Brian Magerko (School of Literature, Media, and Culture / Digital Media) have been awarded two new grants from the National Science Foundation to support continued research on EarSketch, a learning platform at the intersection of computer science and music education that has been used by over 250,000 students. Additional collaborators include Mike Horn at Northwestern University and Kristy Boyer at the University of Florida.


One grant, titled "Broadening Participation in Computer Science Through Programming and the Arts Across Learning Spaces,” focuses on developing new systems and curricula that connect in-school and out-of-school learning experiences and connect music to other art forms such as dance, video, lyrics, and storytelling. The other grant, titled "Engaging High School Students in Computer Science with Co-Creative Learning Companions,” focuses on developing an artificially intelligent extension to EarSketch that guides students through technical and creative decisions as they write code to make music.

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