A picture of a virtual MIDI control rack setup, available for use in a computer program.

Learn More About Music Tech From Our Faculty

Learn More About Music Tech From Our Faculty

Our faculty hold a wealth of knowledge on the latest cutting edge technology that can be used to make music.

Below, you can find a series of videos designed to teach you the knowledge and skill to use some of these technologies in your own artistic pursuits.

Jason Freeman teaching in front of a projector screen showing lines of code.

Learning Sound Synthesis with VCV Rack

In this video series, Jason Freeman, Professor and Chair of the School of Music at Georgia Tech, introduces the fundamental concepts of sound synthesis.

The videos use VCV Rack, a free modular synthesis software program for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Learn More About Music Technology at Georgia Tech

Our music technology programs teach our students the scientific and artistic skills they need to become innovators in the Music Technology industry. Learn more about our programs, and our students that create exciting new music technology concepts every semester.

A Ph.D student teaching Music Technology concepts to a class.

Academic Programs

We offer music technology as a major in undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D.
A Music Tech student playing a white violin in a performance.

Music Tech is Different Here

Music technology students at Georgia Tech say this program does what they didn't think was possible. Learn more about them.
Three students singing on a teleconference call while demonstrating their project.

Student Research Showcase

Our music tech students work closely with faculty and with each other to conduct a broad range of research projects.


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