A student playing a keyboard outside on a hill by a country road.

Ensemble Projects

Ensemble Projects

Students in our ensembles find compelling ways to perform music every semester. Whether it's composing arrangements of famous songs, creating content for rhythm video games, or just demonstrating a high level of skill in a traditional performance, they embody the creativity and musicianship that can be found at Georgia Tech.

Dream Medley

A group of choral students dressed in black and white performing in a concert in the West Village.

Ensemble: Chamber Choir

Arrangement by: Elie Diaz

Audio Mixing by: Ananya Kansal and Joey Homiller

Tracks put together by: Ryan Ogilvie

Video Editing by: Neha Embar


The Chamber Choir performed an arrangement of "Dream Medley" by recording on separate tracks, and then combining them to create the final song. The video is a compilation of clips and highlights from the Spring semester.

Our Love is Here to Stay

A pair of hands on an electric keyboard.

Ensemble: Jazz Ensemble

Vocals, piano, drums, guitar, horns, and strings by: Joseph Taylor

For his final project, Joseph Taylor performed his own rendition of "Our Love is Here To Stay". He created everything himself in Ableton Live.  Additionally, he transcribed Ray Charles' piano intro and solo, along with the horn solo from the original song without any help from chords or sheet music!

Modular Prelude in C

BSMT student Joseph Steele performs a piece remotely with sheet music displaying his work to his left.

Ensemble: Laptop Orchestra

Composed and Performed by: Joseph Steele

 "Modular Prelude in C" explores the many expressive qualities possible with just a few basic sounds.


A student holding a cell phone with a music performance app on the screen.

Ensemble: Laptop Orchestra

Composed and Performed by: Davis House

 "Waves" creates an ambient sonic texture that draws its inspiration from the meditative rising and falling of waves in the ocean.

Butterfly Lover's Concerto

A blue and red digital butterfly, both dancing over blue and red soundwaves.

Ensemble: New Music Ensemble

Performed by: Laney Light, Shauna Morrisey, and Ally Stout

Laney Light, Shauna Morrisey, and Ally Stout perform "The Butterfly Lover's Concerto" by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang, arranged for flute and violin by Debbie Shen.


A Bringer of Jollity

Three circles with numbers inside in a sequence, as part of a rhythm video game.

Ensemble: Georgia Tech Orchestras

Created by: Connor Minton

Osu is a rhythm game that challenges players to click circles to the beat of a song. For his remote learning project, Connor Minton created a playable Osu beatmap for Gustav Holst's "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity". In this expressive and exhilarating medium, Osu players from all around the world can experience the Jollity of classical music by playing along themselves.

Theme of The Mandalorian - Arranged

A student playing a marimba while looking at sheet music.

Ensemble: Symphonic Band

Performed by: Evan Murray

Evan Murray performs an arrangement of the main theme of The Mandalorian.


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