Timothy Hsu

Visiting Assistant Professor
(404) 894-8992


Timothy Hsu comes from a background in both music and acoustics. He completed a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Recording Arts and Sciences from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. Later he received a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering  from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His Ph.D. research focused on acoustics—in particular hospital acoustics and the effects the noise has on the staff and patients.  Timothy's current research interest lies in historically informed acoustics. As a cross-section between acoustics, musicology, and architecture, his research group is attempting to recreate the acoustics of historic venues and to look at how the acoustics may have affected composition and/or performance practice of the day. Additionally, his lab is studying historic period instruments as well by making computer models and physical measurements, and ultimately comparing them to their modern counterparts. Timothy is also an active conductor and pianist. He is the director the Georgia Tech Chorale, the non-auditioned mixed choral ensemble on campus, and is the associate director of the Georgia Tech Chamber Choir, the select auditioned choir.    

Research Goals

To study and understand acoustics of historical buildings (extant or non-extant) in order to have historically informed performances in historical informed acoustics. To model, simulate, and measure period instruments to further our understanding of the music of the time and the sound of historical performances. To develop computer models of historical spaces and to devise better modeling techniques for more robust and more accurate results.   

Course Offerings

Fundamentals of Musicianship IMusical AcousticsChoraleVocal Ensemble (with Dr. Jerry Ulrich) 


Architectural acoustics, musical acoustics, psychoacoustics, noise control, early music, computer modeling